April Apricot is a rare Fruit & Veg Shopkin from Season Four.


April Apricot: Cheeky and cheery, when we put our heads together we can do anything! We are always blossoming with ideas![sic]

Ultimate Collector's Guide Info




Fun and fruity

Sense of Humor:


Known For:

Always getting in a jam


"This is the pits!"


April Apricot is a red apricot with one green leaf. She has black freckles on her cheeks.

Her variant is a yellow apricot with one teal leaf. She has black freckles on her cheeks. In art this variant is depicted with white feet; however, the toy itself lacks white feet. 

There is an exclusive variant of her included in the Season Four re-release of the So-Cool Metallic Fridge. This version is a yellow and pink apricot with a green leaf and black freckles.

There is an exclusive variant of her included in the Mystery Edition #2 pack. This exclusive is a pink apricot with a lime green leaf.


  • On the Shopkins website, due to an error, she has the same bio as Cheeky Cherries.
  • She bears a slight resemblance to Mango Milly, an exclusive Season Six shopkin.
  • Unlike her catalog art and figure, her static art has her three freckles pointing in an upwards trangle, rather than a downwards one. Her plush version, which takes inspiration from her static art, points downwards as well.


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